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The Method & Product

1 EpilClear The Method of facial hair removal from its
The 3 steps method of facial hair removal by EpilClear was developed at the company's laboratories for over 10 years and it is based on scientific studies that deal with the traits of medicinal plants that are combined with cosmetic treatments.

2 EpilClear 3 steps for Effective Treatment of Facial

The 3 steps method for facial hair removal combines an effective epilative treatment (plucking the hair from its root) combined with cosmetic materials that were proven as being highly effective with preventing of renewed growth of facial hair. At experiments that were conducted at the Cosmepar laboratories in France, has proved the effectiveness of the EpilClear 3 step facial hair removal method: Just after a single treatment, the hair growth at the treated area was prevented for four months among 25% of the survey participants!

3 EpilClear a Safe and Successful Use
EpilClear the revolutionary treatment method for facial hair removal is dermatological tested It is licensed by the Ministry of Healthcare. EpilClear is efficient and safe for use with all hair types: Black, brown, red, blonde and white and with all types and shades of color as well as it is suitable for use among teenagers.


The EpilClear Hair removal kit includes:
A 10 M"L Serum container designed for 80 90 treatments
 A Compact holding case that you can carry with you anywhere.

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