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A Quick Glimpse at the Mirror and… Did that hair grow again?
With EpilClear's 3 Step method you will get rid of the unnecessary facial hair, one by one and forever. .

1 Remove
Remove the unwanted hair at its completion, including its root, with the twezer that is included in EpilClear's hair removal treatment kit.

2 Massage
Carefully squeeze the EpilClear serum bottle and drip one drop on your finger tip. Massage with your finger the hair removal location and insert the serum by messaging in the opposite direction to the direction of the hair growth while applying slight pressure. Repeat the action after 3 minutes. In order to achieve the best results it is recommended to repeat the treatment during two additional days – before you go to sleep.

3 Forget
The Treatment has ended! The EpilClear serum for facial hair removal contains a component the wraps the skin and it is highly effective with preventing renewed growth of facial hair. Therefore, please make sure to maintain a dry treated area for at least 6 hours.

The Recommendation of EpilClear's Scientists:
The EpilClear facial hair removal serum has been tested for efficiency and sensitivity at the Cosmepar laboratories in France that proved that it is efficient and safe for use. Nonetheless, the serum contains active ingredients that may cause sensitivity at certain patients. Therefore, it is recommended that prior to usage, please apply the serum on a small are and examine the skin's reaction.

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