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Questions & Answers

What is the scientific idea behind EpilClear's 3 step system?

The EpilClear's 3 step facial hair removal system combines plucking the hair from its root and using cosmetic materials that were proven as efficient with preventing of hair rejuvenation. The facial hair removal system has been developed over 10 years and it is based on researches that deal with the influence of medicinal plants combined with cosmetic treatments.

What is the required time duration required between treatments?

The success of the facial hair removal treatment is based on plucking the hair in its completeness – including its root. Since every user has its own rate of hair growth, it is recommended to conduct the treatment when the hair is at a length that enables plucking it.

How many treatments will the serum bottle be sufficient?

The facial hair removal serum bottle which is included in EpilClear's3 step kit is sufficient for 80 up to 90 treatments.

Is it possible to conduct the treatment outside of the house?

Yes, EpilClear'sfacial hair removal kit is a compact kit that can be placed in a purse – just like lipstick or mascara. In the kit you will find a mirror, a tweezer with led lighting and a serum bottle with which you can perform the treatment at any place and at any time… even in the dark!

Is the EpilClear 3 step hair removal treatment suitable for every hair type?

Yes, the facial hair removal treatment is suitable for all hair types, including downy hair, gray hair, black, brown, bright and red as well as for every skin shade and type.

At which age is it possible to start with EpilClear's hair removal treatment?

It is possible to start with the hair removal treatment during puberty, at the beginning of the hormonal activity and onward.

What is the Success rate of the treatment?

A successful 3 step hair removal treatment by EpilClear prevents and withholds hair growth at the treated area at 75% of the cases.

I am pregnant. Am I allowed to remove facial hair using the EpilClear system?

The hair removal serum that is included in the EpilClear contains active ingrediants therefore it is not recommended to conduct treatments during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is it allowed to be exposed to the sun after the treatment?

There is no prevention to be exposed to the sun after the treatment.

Is it allowed to conduct one treatment after another or in case the skin is cracked or wounded?

It is not recommended to conduct a facial hair removal treatment when the skin is suffering from over sensitivity.

Is EpilClear's 3 steps hair removal system safe for use?

The system is completely safe. The product has undergone a series of tests that have proven its efficiency and safety:

  • Sensitivity tests at Cosmepar laboratories in France.
  • Microbiological tests at the EST Israeli labs.
  • The Ministry of healthcare license in Israel and the at the European Union (EU).
  • The raw material the comprise the serum appear at the CTFA material book and are allowed to be used in cosmetic products.











































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